What are the risks for your marbles ?

Similar to a leather jacket, marble can last for life if taken care of properly. The two biggest dangers for your piece of marble are :

  • The violent shocks against a hard surface that could break it or chip it,
  • The etching caused by acid products.

What is etching ?

Marble is a stone composed of calcium carbonate that acids can eat away, creating dull /rough spots known as etches. A splash of fruit juices, sodas or other acidic products may leave a subtle mark if not wiped off.

How to avoid marble etching ?

So the biggest danger for your wrist rest is food, drinks and cleaning products, so please, be cautious ! Only use a cloth, eventually a bit damp to clean your marble, do not use cleaning products.
Don’t forget to be careful if you use some skin cream, essential oils, perfume on your palm/wrist.
Concerning the human sweat/natural oil, it has only a PH between 4.5 to 7, and it would not damage the marble.

What do we do to protect your marble ?

Our marble pieces are all polished which reduce the porous properties of the stone compared to a honed finish.

As well, your marble received a protective coating/sealing on its surface, but it only improves its resistance. This protection may looks like a finger print magnet, but please, do not try to remove it.

How to fix marble etching ?

Eching is a physical alteration of the marble, therefore to remove it requires more physical alteration by polishing the stones.

It can be done manually without tools, but it require some products. You will need a cloth and some marble polishing powder to remove the etching, then for a shiny surface you will need to apply some wax.

To give an indication, Marble kitchen countertops which are subject to a lot of food/drinks spills are usually re-polished every 2/3 years.