MarbleK origine :

It is a two persons adventure to design and distribute objects made out of marble.
We live in Taiwan, a very beautiful country with a freedom and safety that some of its big neighbors cannot enjoy..

There is also an important industry of stones and marbles, mostly for the construction industry. If you have the opportunity, you can visit Hualien, the marble city, where you can easily see white or green marble a bit everywhere.

My interest in mechanical keyboards started about two years ago, thanks to Reddit. :/ I now have a few of them as well as some amazing looking keycaps.

Now, we are working with local manufacturers to design and produce great products with this amazing material : the marble !
We started our first GB with only 10 pieces of white marble wrist rests, TKL size. And we will see how far we can go 🙂

Anyway, thanks for coming here and the interest !