Coral Pink Marble Wrist Rests

October/November 2019, we worked with the GB GMK Coral to make a limited edition of marble wrist rests.

GMK Coral keycaps, photo credits to GMK Coral

Our manufacturer had some “pink” marble in inventory, which is amazingly beautiful with colors from white/pink to coral and a wide variety of patterns. So it was a perfect match for the GMK Coral keycaps.

Coral Pink marble wrist rest on seaside
Variety of patterns

The 28 available 60% Coral Pink marble wrist rests have been sold in a raffle. On that sale, 20% of the price (13 USD) was going to a donation to the Coral Reef Alliance, who works on protecting coral reefs. With the current climate changes and huge dangers for coral reefs, a bit of help is more than welcome.

364 USD donated to the Coral Reef Alliance

We are very thankful for the success of this collaboration ! Thanks to all people purchasing these wrist rests and we hope to do more similar actions in the future.